Where to go when scammed online

Where to go when scammed online

This sounds like a horror story in just 5 words. Scam is the word which everyone is afraid of especially in the 21st century where every single online shopping or online service website seems to be waiting out there to lure our personal security information from us. But what should be your next step when you find out that you’ve been scammed? Here’s what:

  • Stay away from the scammer

Once you know you have been scammed, you must immediately report it to cyber crime. There is a high chance that your scammer would like to contact you and reach you through texts, calls and even showing up at your doorstep (if you have provided that kind of info). When this happens you shouldn’t show any interest but rather choose to ignore them. While doing this make sure you are keeping record of their move so that you have a proof to show.

  • Reset your computer

There are many viruses or bugs out there which can easily infect your computer and use it remotely without you even noticing it. If you have a hunch that someone seems to be fidgeting with your computer then it is likely that they are. If this is the case then immediately reset your computer or change your password and inform your bank about your account information being stolen.

  • Keep track of your credit

Most of the times while doing online shopping you have to present your bank account info and when that gets stolen you will have to be extra careful with your bank account information because now they can easily access it. First of all inform your bank about the case and then keep an eye out on your bank statements and credit card points for unusual purchases and scores that you don’t recognize.

  • Reach to cyber security

If the scam seems to be a serious one you find no other way to retrieve your stolen money or information then you should immediately contact cyber security before it gets too late. They can be helpful in guiding you what to do, catching the scammer and even punishing them. These cyber crime issues seem to be growing more and more these days and this is why it is important to know what to do if you fall in such situation.