Why You Should Acquire Health Insurance

Reasons Why You Should Acquire Health Insurance

Life is an unpredictable thing; no one never knows what’s next. People don’t really care when they are well in all scores of life and happy but when the odds come and only then they realize they had the chance and the things to last for them. But that time is too far gone now. So, it is better to think today or tomorrow but does not delay in thinking in finding the reasons to acquire health insurance. Time never settles and to be prepared for the worse, you will always need a backup plan, and for that, a simple or a normal health insurance might get you through a lot of things.

There are some reasons which will make you think again and again in acquiring health insurance:

Not only you can enjoy health benefits and good hospitals but you can have the benefit of deduction of taxes from your health insurance plans. If you have a health insurance plan then you, your spouse and your children can get a tax exemption of Rupees. 25,000 this also increases if you a senior citizen and the exemption increases up to Rupees. 30,000.

Modern problems have modern solutions, people who work more to make more money often forget about their health. But if you have health insurance, your worry of working limited considering your health will be a huge relief.

Are you scared to travel by air, or scared to travel by road or you have seasickness, or whatever the means of traveling you use, you hate traveling in worry of what might happen to you? With health insurance, you will be knowing whatever happens you have a good reserve proposition.

  • Your health insurance is like a vow which will stand by you in good health and sickness.
  • If you have health insurance, you won’t need to set a timer for your seasonal shots because some insurance companies also provide you with an application which automatically sets reminders for you. Not only your money but the company itself also cares for you.
  • You get discounts on medicines from the dispensaries who are on the insurance panel.
  • Some health insurance also insures your limbs, on-demand only.

As in 2019, there is a new act introduced which is called Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is made for those people who earn less and wish to get good health insurance.

Just think; be selfish for yourself or for the people you are dear to you, you won’t need another reason to get health insurance.