Information About Health Insurance In The UAE

Information About Health Insurance In The UAE

Health insurance and indemnity are important for every citizen in UAE, irrespective of whether the citizens are residents or working there. UAE is a progressive country in the terms of tourism and also when it comes to recruiting, and to promote more work opportunities the UAE government has announced that by the end of 2019 every resident either working or not will have the basic health insurance. This announcement has attracted more people to move to UAE to find and work there.

As of now, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is considered the main hub for people who will claim their health insurances. Any resident or an employee can claim it in clinics and hospitals which are associated with DHA. All the convalescent needs to do is take the health insurance card to hospital or clinics, the staff will enter your details and recommend the doctor which are enlisted.

The provided health insurance will cover maximum AED 150,000 maximum by just paying AED 500 to 700 annually. But for workers who are getting lower salaries find it hard to pay it annually, in the UAE government website, there is no clear instruction that either is it the full responsibility of the employer to pay the health insurance? Or is it the employees who will pay? Or is it deducted by the salary? What is also unclear that employees who get paid cash only how they manage to pay for the insurance?

Employers sometimes hire different companies to get their employees registered for health insurance. What they do is whenever the company hires new employees, the employers simply submit the emirates id, visa copy, and passport copy and leave the rest to the insurance brokers. The insurance brokers just take a little extra fee but they do the job without any problems. However, the employees and employers must read all the terms and conditions before signing any kind of paperwork.

There is also vehicle insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and cash insurance which is a very long process. These other types of insurances need a bank account at any bank for sure. Since there are many things unclear about the insurance wager all around the world, but since you are in UAE, and looking around of the best guide for health insurance, it’s better to ask around as much as you can. Or search on Google and visit some offices in person for double-checking.