Tips on baby shower cake decorations

Tips on baby shower cake decorations

Are you looking for the best cake shop in Dubai to get the most tempting and delicious cake from? If you want to make a baby shower more special for the mother-to-be, select an unforgettable and beautifully decorated baby shower cake in Dubai via online search. Read on for some tips on baby shower cake decorations, in order to design the ideal cake for your guest of honor.

1. Size

When considering baby shower cake decorations, note that when you have got a bigger canvas to draw on, you’ll have more options to choose from. Same is true for baby shower cake decorations, a bigger cake always allows you more chances to explore your creativity and make unique designs.

2. Ingredients

Different ingredients can make a cake more flexible in holding various types of baby shower cake decorations. Thus, if you’re planning to do something special with the cake later on, make sure to inform the pastry chef about it so the necessary modifications with the ingredients can be made accordingly.

3. Color

Color is one of the most imperative factors to consider for baby shower cake decorations. As colors are known to be able to bring things to life, they can also make baby shower cake decorations more jovial and fit for the occasion. Although pink and blue are considered to be the traditional colors for baby showers, you can also choose hues for decorating the baby shower cake as long as they’re neither too bright nor dark.

4. Illustrations

The actual photo of the mother-to-be can be printed on the cake if you want. Drawings of babies and stuff used by babies are common as well. Some people throw similar parties after the child is born, so having the picture of your new born on the cake is yet another idea that looks great. Illustrations are one of the most eye-catching factors of baby shower cakes, so take the time when considering your options.

5. Text

Baby shower cake decors are not all about pictures but are incomplete without text. Although it is truly said that pictures can paint a thousand words; however, words do wonders too. The greetings you would ask your pastry chef to write on the surface of the baby shower cake can serve as significant decorations too.